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Alain Jourdier

I totally agree with your recommendations on how to take all these business books "with a grain of salt." I recommend certain books to clients and caution them that they are just to get their brain cells working in a creative and receptive mode...and that their situation is unique and does not fit conveniently in the package that the gurus promote. These books are valuable in that they reflect a dialogue with our so-called best minds, but they don't replace common sense or the unique view of those at ground zero at their companies.

I also recommend blogs, local meetings of business groups, etc. as a mode to stimulate critical thinking and a more open orientation to change...ultimately, the "thought leaders" are talking about changing the way we see the world so we can solve our own problems by adapting the latest ideas on business. I recommend looking for local talent that may not be published or as well known but closer to the community they live in thus bringing another unique perspective on what is going on.

Great blog by the way. Thanks.

Blair Rorani

b/ Moreover, don't be fooled by randomness. Authors themselves are usually fooled by randomness: How many companies are there around? How many of these companies did they really look at. How can you be sure that the ones that were picked did well because they applied the recipe and not because they were lucky? How many autors are there around starting the "guru" publishing race and how many get it right? Are they skilled or lucky business writers?

Interestingly enough, business authors, when they are challenged because people realize that the select group of companies they cherry picked did not fare that well after all, claim this is because these firms did not continue enforcing the (say BTL) recipe!

If you read what their criteria was for selecting companies, as well as criteria for Good to Great, that will answer your question.

Particularly in Good to Great, Jim and his team use stock prices as a constant to compare companies. Can't really argue with them.

Perhaps posts like this should be taken with a grain of salt.


14 books every day and of course one can't read this much books so stop writing writers and let the readers finish with the 5000 :O

Allie Libby

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Sangram Takmoge

Wow! all great points. Winners are winners because they do not do average things? Fooled by randomness? Rationing in capitalism? Taking it with a grain of salt and building your own toolbox? and so much more..
But then, please improve the title which sounds like it's just another how-to guide on reading management books. Thanks!

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