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Faivre Christiane

Nothing new ! It's just a 'sophism'...
Sophisms do apply in whatever circumstances with whatever subjects...!


Considering the misogynist in myself, it's of no surprise that I love that proof.

I'm currently an undergrad at the Singapore Management University, studying finance under a certain Jayaram Muthuswamy who did his PhD at Chicago. He's currently trying to disprove Riemann's theorem, so if he succeeds, I guess he'll do you guys proud.


Very funny...and true! :-p
Christiane is right, this is sophism. It was explained by Aristotle in "On Rhetoric". But what I love in that joke is to make fun of the Chicago School. In way, transforming all aspects of the economic life into rational framework coule be seen as...sophism, no?


Supposedly found on a restroom wall in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT):

ME - SHE = 0


M = SH


Russell Nelson

Hmmm... Isabel points out that you can only say |Girls| == |Evil|, so it's quite possible that Girls are in fact the negative of Evil. Then again, being a Girl, you would expect that of her kind.

Ross Parker

Unfortunately the phrase is not "money is the root of all evil" but "the love of money is the root of all evil". Money itself is handy. You can buy stuff with it.

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