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I guess as a Stern MBA2 I'm biased but Damodaran's Corporate Finance Class was my favorite class. And I wanted to leave a comment for those in need of a free education he has entire book and webcasts of his class lectures on his website.

Sadly, he's on sabatical this year so I won't be able to take his valuation class this year but I'm going to try to watch last year's webcasts before school starts again.


The "Vernimmen", written for Europeans by Europeans is a most useful reference for the student as well as the practitioner. The style of the book is concise, yet every conceivable aspect of Corporate Finance is covered. Glad to have such a wonderful book's 2nd edition..

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It's good to hear that this wonderful book about finance in available in English version. And I agree that this is the perfect book for the corporate finance subjects.

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