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Laurent GUERBY

Merci pour cette perle :).

Pour OPT dans le monde contemporain il ne faut pas oublier que c'est un des seules théories économiques (la seule ?) qui est véritablement 1/ prédictive (le prix de l'option) 2/ et qui marche très bien en pratique (avec quelques efforts pour rendre les modèles plus réalistes).


Do you know if hey practicsed fractional reserve during those times or did that start only with the British gold merchants?

Marc Perraud

Fabulous article! I would like to exchange with Didier Joos - could you provide his email ?


Banks in Sarajevo

I wander what was the Genoa's finance system's overall influence onto the development of advanced banking in Florence a couple of centuries later.



Cara Fletcher

I am very interested to see what they knew about finance in 1298.I wonder if there was such a term used then.


I have only one word to say "AWESOME".

Debt Settlement

Nice post. Really I liked it.


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